NIL is engaged in the production of various grades of steel castings especially stainless steel, duplex steel and other exotic alloys.

For development & processing, our foundry has all the requisite facilities apart from well trained and dedicated workforce. Our qualified engineers work with unmitigated zeal & zest in achieving the desired results.


A CO2 Sand reclamation & mixing plant delivering about 10 Ton/ hr caters to the need backed up with pneumatic rammers. Known quantityof additives and sand flow into the mixer maintaining consistent sand quality moulds are made from CO2 system while core are in alphaset for better collapsibility and easier removal .


Melting Shop

Equipped with a battery of induction furnace ranging from 100 Kg to 6000 Kgs to suit to the wide variety of weight ranges. We have a power back up of 2.45 MW to resort to in case or power failure. We have bottom pouring & lip pouring ladles and ladles pre heaters. Digital display pyrometer to measure the temp and liquid metal.


Core Shop

Mainly no bake ( Aphaset) cores are made and painted with good quality paint to impart better finish and accurate contours. Sand mullers of 100 Kg & 300Kgs are installed


Fettling Shop

This shop is equipped with shot blasting machine . flexible grinders , cut off wheels , mounted point wheels , DC rectifier welding machines and other accessories. Heat treatment furnace of 6 MT and 2.5 MT are installed with quenching facilities. These are on Wilson burners with automatic flow controls to maintain uniform temperature zone through out the furnace . This is also connected to a computer to plot the graph enabling the traceability record of heat treatment cycle at any point of time.


Quality Control Labs

Equipped with Spectroamax spectrometer to analyze the various constituents of metal with in 20 seconds. Around 32 elements spread on 3 diff channels could be analyzed depending on grade.

Ultimate tensile testing machine of 40 Ton capacity to check all the physical properties. Impact testing machine for charpy and hardness testes for measuring hardness are also available. For NDT , We have ultrasonic flow detector , Magnetic particle inspection and dye penetrant while we outsource radio graphy.

Fettling Shop

Equipped with universal planning machine and a bandsaw . A huge space to store all patterns and a cardex system for easy location of diff patterns with in minutes.